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Apply to be a Trusted Partner to get access to vetted, actively interviewing jobseekers in your area! Our talent is submitted by top IT Recruiting Agencies like yours.

Source top talent, match indexed interview data, and get to your ideal candidates 5x faster!
Place recent finalists you don’t have a position for, and boost revenue by $4000 per requisition!
Finalists who
don't fit your open
Finalists who
don’t fit your open
Talent pool
coming up short for
critical positions?
Talent pool
coming up short for
critical positions?
Finalists who don’t fit your open requisitions?
Talent pool coming short for critical positions?

Invert your Sourcing Process

Start your search with recent finalists for positions like yours. The Result? Actively interviewing, top talent that wants to talk to your team, today!

Skip the Prescreen

Give your team access to indexed and searchable data from recent interviews, so you know it's a good fit - before you even pick up a phone!

Collaborate Fearlessly

Talent profiles don't contain any personal information until both recruiters agree the opportunity and jobseeker are a match. Post your talent risk-free today!

Monetize Finalists

We know you work hard to find top talent for every position, and can't always place the runner-up. Capitalize on your hard work and help talent get their dream job on SourceMaven!

Frequently Asked Questions
Is my business a good fit for SourceMaven?
We recognize that the best IT Recruiting teams source 3-5 excellent jobseekers to submit for each requisition. At the same time, the best IT Recruiting businesses are filling 30-40% of their requisitions - leaving valuable dollars on the table!
By joining SourceMaven, you give your sourcing team access to actively-interviewing, top talent sourced by teams like yours. This helps your business capitalize on more requisitions, and monetize more of your team's time!
How do I get access to SourceMaven?
SourceMaven vets all of the Trusted Partners in our network. Gaining access to the platform requires your company to sign up for a Teams account with us! Our platform is designed to be free, and our success-based fees mean we put our money where our mouth is. Reach out to to start the process!
How much does SourceMaven cost?
SourceMaven is designed to be free for all of our Trusted Partners. We built our business model to fit like a glove into yours. When you hire or place a candidate you found on SourceMaven, you pay $2500. When a candidate you posted on SourceMaven gets hired, you earn $2000.
Our low monthly subscription fee is 100% credited upon regular usage. This rewards our Trusted Partners for keeping our talent pool fresh and active!